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If you’re a plus size mommy-to-be, don’t fret because you can still have a wonderful, enjoyable and healthy pregnancy. You just have to make sure you take care of yourself in the process! Even if you didn't start out your pregnancy at your ideal weight, don't fret- there are many things you can do to make sure your baby is born healthy, and that you have a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy.

You don’t have to gain as much

Women who are plus size don’t have to gain as much weight as a “normal” weight or underweight woman. You don’t have to start gaining until the second trimester and should only gain about 10-20 pounds in total, depending on your starting weight. Even if you aren't considered overweight, it may surprise you how little weight you actually have to put on. Talk to your doctor about what a safe weight gain should be for you.

Stay away from sugary drinks

Soda and fancy coffee drinks are packed with sugar and calories, which can contribute to unnecessary weight gain. And this is true for all women, no matter what their size! Too much caffeine can also have a negative effect on your unborn baby, so limit your coffee intake to less than 200 milligrams a day (which is about one 11-ounce cup of coffee).

Lots of water

When pregnant, you should drink way more water to stay hydrated. Increasing your water intake will also curb your appetite, so you snack less. Drinking more water is a great habit to develop. It will benefit you long after the baby is born, and can help you lose not only the baby weight but any additional weight you are looking to get rid of as well.


Maybe you weren’t so active before this baby, but now, you need to exercise. Now is not the time to start up a rigorous Jillian Michaels style workout program but even if you walk for at least 15 minutes a day, you’ll be making a difference! There are tons of pregnancy workout videos and classes out there to choose from if you need a little help.

Be aware of gestational diabetes

 Gestational diabetes is the most common condition during pregnancy, and any size woman can get this during her pregnancy. But those already at risk because of their weight should take extra caution and get tested early.

You’ll probably save on maternity clothing

Plus-sized clothing tends to be flowy, to hide or smooth excess fat. Maternity clothing is usually pretty similar, so you might not have to purchase many new tops. You're also not going to need to gain as much weight, so your size shouldn't change as drastically as someone who has a small frame. You will have to invest in maternity pants, as they are made specifically for a fast growing belly, and a nursing bra.

Keep a food diary

Keep a food diary during pregnancy and after so you can keep track of what you’re eating and the calories. When it’s time to shed the pounds after the baby comes, you’ll already be prepared for the journey!

Eat healthy snacks full of protein

A great snack is half of a whole grain bagel toasted with peanut butter. It’s healthy, has lots of nutrients and protein, and will keep you full! 

Just because there’s more of you to love doesn’t mean there has to be more health problems! Plenty of plus size women go on to have a perfectly healthy baby and smooth-sailing pregnancy. You may find you absolutely love how your body looks now that you are pregnant. And when you start feeling your baby kick or see him for the first time on an ultrasound, you won’t care about what’s on the scale. You’ll just care about taking care of yourself and counting down the days until you meet him! 

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