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tips-for-busy-single-momsSingle mothers are very common in today’s world. It is important that we all support each other. 

If you find yourself needing some advice or support, we have some tips to help you refuel and reenergize. Today, many mothers find themselves in a single parent situation, often having to share their child with the other parent. This can be a very difficult situation for mothers; they are the primary caregivers and have to act as both the mother and father.

Your days are incredibly busy and often it can leave you physically and emotionally exhausted. Don’t stress: you need to always remember that you can do it. We all have the maternal instinct that we need to be great mothers. If you happen to be a single parent, we have talked to moms in the same situation to provide you with tips for single moms. These tips will help guide you through the process, leaving you more time to focus on your precious child or children. 

1493538181. Family Support

The saying that it takes a village to raise a child is true and when you are a part of a single parent family, it holds even more value. It is essential to recognize that family, be it parents, brothers or sisters, can be there to provide support for single mothers. Not only can they watch your kids if you need help but they will be there on holidays, birthdays and family functions so your kids can gain a strong sense of family values.

2. Take Care of Yourself

When your kids are visiting with the other parent, be sure to take the needed time for yourself. Your days can be filled with work, school, homework, and activities. It easy to forget about yourself so spend your free time to wisely, reconnecting with what you want. Use it to get a pedicure, go to a movie or shopping or even start to date again. If you spend some time on yourself, you will be more patient and rested for when your kids return and ready for the days and events ahead. 

3. Time With Your Kids is Most Valuable

Many single moms can get caught up in focusing on what they are unable to give their kids, whether it’s financial issues or just having both parents in the same home. Rather than getting caught up in the latest video game you can’t quite afford, focus more on what is really important: spending time with your kids. Your time and love to your kids is priceless; it’s what they care about the most. Spend your time with them by taking them to the park or having genuine discussions over a home cooked dinner. It is those memories that your child will cherish the most.

4. Remember That Mistakes are Okay

Let’s face it: there’s no such thing as a perfect parent. We all make mistakes. If you are a single mom, it will help to remember this and not beat yourself up if you have to discipline your child. As they go back and forth between you and the other parent, you may feel guilty about disciplining them when they leave. However, discipline is a normal practice. Since you are acting as two parents when your child is around, you may find yourself needing to use more. Your child will still love you the same. 

Being a parent is one of the most difficult journeys of our lives. Being a single parent is even more challenging. It’s important to remember that you can do it. Stick to a routine, remember these tips and enjoy the ride.

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