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New season, new diet? If you’re interested in making a positive change to your diet and potentially improving the health of the planet, you might want to think about integrating some vegan meals into your diet. While the idea may sound intimidating or overly restrictive, going vegan is actually pretty simple, and adopting a plant-based routine might be one of the best ways to improve your health as well as your personal connection to your diet. 

Stock Up On Some Vegan Staples

One of the first steps towards becoming vegan is pretty simple - you need to stock up on some vegan essentials. By filling your cabinets with basic vegan items, you won’t have to run to the store each time you want to try out a new recipe. Items like nutritional yeast, lentil burgers, marinated tofu, almond milk, coconut oil, agave and of course raw vegetables should all be in your updated pantry.

Check Out Popular Vegan Instagram Feeds

Learn from the best and check out some vegan Instagram feeds for ideas and new recipes. While the pictures they post may seem like they come straight out of a magazine, don't be intimidated by their styling and art direction - it'll still be delicious even if it isn't picture perfect. Some good vegan-centric feeds on Instagram include; @planbasedpixie, @nomyourself, @thedreamyleaf and @sweetsimplevegan.

Identify Your Go-To Vegan Snacks

Even if you are trying out lots of new vegan recipes, you’ll most likely still be hungry for snacks. That’s why it’s a good idea to identify which snacks or brands are vegan-friendly and which snacks or brands are not. While there’s always raw fruits and veggies, here’s a quick list of vegan-friendly junk food - Oreos, Doritos,  Fritos, Louisville Vegan Jerky, Famous Amos peanut butter sandwich cookie, and Lenny & Larry’s complete cookies.

Start Small With One Vegan Meal a Week

The best way to integrate a major change into your life is by starting small, and this definitely applies to going vegan. So try starting out with just one recipe or meal a week. This won’t overwhelm you, plus you won’t spend significant time making food you don’t like or paying for lots of meals you throw out. Not everything you make will be a 5-star dish, so start small and keep your expectations realistic.

Going vegan can be a wonderful way to learn about how the food you eat can improve not only your health and wellness, but that of the planet as well. And isn't that the definition of a win-win situation.



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