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tips-for-healthy-living-from-ceo-humanavitality-joe-woodsWhat can you do to improve your health?

Healthcare is at the top of the conversation these days with Obamacare slowly taking a place in our homes and health. Furthermore, with “obesity” classified as a disease in the healthcare world, insurance companies will be faced with incorporating best practices for prevention and treatment of obesity-related diseases.

With this in mind, I spoke with Joe Woods, CEO of HumanaVitality, who oversees all aspects of HumanaVitality wellness programs. We talked about his personal story in living a healthier life and his views on the healthcare reform.

Joe candidly will tell you he was placed on this team for a reason. He, himself, incorporated healthy lifestyle changes and has lost 47 pounds since the program started. He explained how, although he maintained a healthy weight for many years and was always active, somehow he became complacent, and like many other Americans, let his fitness regimen and diet take a sidestep. He made a personal commitment after biometric testing to start making changes.

Advice From Joe

  1. Be present: Start today and make a game plan about what and how you eat . Re-evaluate your daily food intakes and be conscious as you eat.
  2. Do something more than doing nothing: He says to just start being more active and track your steps by wearing a pedometer and walking 10,000 steps a day.
  3. Change your mind: Adopt an “I can do this” attitude and remember it’s one step at a time.

He reminds us that anybody can start a healthy living regimen and succeed. It can start with a simple health assessment to know your beginning point and help guide you towards making specific goals. With goals and a starting point, you can measure your success.

Joe believes the Vitality program helps people make specific goals that are individualized to their lifestyle and then the tracking starts. Everything you do can be tracked and verified so you see the progress, and better yet, the results.

Facts About HumanaVitality

  • They have a new partnership with Walmart to break down the barrier of getting healthy food on the table (they claim there is a 5 percent savings on these items, including fruits and vegetables).
  • Vitality is something that any employer can offer as it is a stand-alone policy outside of Humana.
  • In January 2013, Humana offered medicare advantage supplement to seniors to fill in the medical insurance gaps.

For more information on HumanVitality please check out facebook.com/HumanaVitality.

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