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tips-for-making-a-room-look-biggerEasy Ways for Making That Small Room Look Bigger!

Small room decorating definitely isn’t the easier thing in the world. When it comes to decorating small spaces, not only do you have to worry about fitting all of your things and having walking room, but you also have to trick people into thinking that your room isn’t so tiny! Well, don’t worry, we know how to make a room look bigger, and we’re spilling the beans. It’s all about optical illusion when it comes to making a room look bigger, and with these small room decorating ideas, it shouldn’t be hard at all.

How to Decorate a Small Room to Make it Look Bigger

1. Look for Functional Furniture

Small room furniture is a huge component if you’re looking to make a room look bigger. When it comes to small room furniture, look for objects that can double as other objects, like beds with drawers or an entertainment center that can hold small things. Push larger furniture to the walls, opening up the middle and the walking areas, which is crucial to making your room seem bigger. You can also consider getting furniture that’s the same or a similar color of the walls, which brings us to our next tip.

2. Stick to Light Wall Colors

Stick to light colors and pastels when it comes to small room colors. Dark colors absorb light and make the room look smaller, and remember, that’s the opposite of what we want in our small space living. Think cream colors and icy blues. If you’re keen on a dark color, consider using a light color as the main room color and then using the dark color as trim.

3. Keep Clutter Out!

Of course, clutter doesn’t help the look of any room, especially in small room design. To make your room look bigger, keep your living space clean and tidy. Also, don’t cover the walls in pictures. One big picture is better for making your room look bigger. Pick a focal point, like a bed or a dining table, and focus on decorating a small room around that piece. It helps the eye focus on that point instead of the smallness of the room.

4. Optimize Natural Lighting

It’s all about natural light in small room decorating. If you have large windows, take advantage of them! Keep the curtains pulled back or use sheer curtains. If you have the option of choosing your windows, this is about the only time where bigger is better in decorating a small room. If you don’t have this luxury of big windows, hang potted plants by the windows you do have. A torchiere lamp is also good for opening up a small room and making it look bigger.

5. Add Mirrors

Mirrors are a great, easy way to make any room look bigger. Mirrors reflecting those windows are especially fun, and could even trick your guests into thinking there’s another window- until they look into it, that is.  Mirror table tops can also be a nice touch. A common, but effective choice is mirrors on closet and cabinet doors. Simply hanging a large mirror on a wall can open up a room, just don’t spend too much time checking yourself out!
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