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tips-for-picking-bridesmaids-and-keeping-the-peace-headerWhen you’re preparing to say your "I Dos," it’s a given that any bride will want her closest family and girlfriends by her side.

It’s also inevitable that it will be difficult when selecting who those ladies will be. Whether you grew up in a large family or were an only daughter surrounded by the love of lots of friends, it’s no secret that it will be difficult to narrow it down to just a handful of bridesmaids. But no worries, we’re here to give you a few tips to in not only choosing, but how to keep the peace among everyone. 

The Magic Number

For starters, of course you want to decide how many bridesmaids you’ll have, as well as whether you will want a maid-of-honor and matron-of-honor to stand by your side at the altar. One rule of thumb is to select one bridesmaid for every 50 guests. A larger wedding party usually indicates a more formal and lavish ceremony. Remember, sometimes less is more.

Write your "wish list" of bridesmaids and narrow it down. Don’t feel pressured to invite a friend to be in your wedding just because you were in hers. Think about it- a true friend will want you to simply do what will make you happy on your wedding day no matter what.

Family Ties

When it comes to choosing sisters and sister-in-laws-to-be, whether you’re extremely close or rarely talk, it’s usually safest to just include them when making your bridesmaids list to avoid any unnecessary conflict and friction. 


The Wedding Destination

Also, you should definitely consider location. When choosing bridesmaids for your wedding, think about which ladies will be able to offer the most support for you. If they live extremely far away or are super busy, seriously think about if she will be able to give you what you need during the preparation phase. It might feel a little selfish but it is all about your big day.

Saying Yes...And No

Remember that when you do an extend an invitation to your close girlfriend to be a bridesmaid, you might not always get a "yes." But don’t take it personal. Sometimes ladies understand how expensive it is to be a part of a wedding and know they aren’t in a position to do it.

Last but not least, once you decide who to invite, how you invite them is important too! Think about sending them a formal invitation to be a bridesmaid filled with a few of your favorite things. 

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