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Spring cleaning without chemicals helps create a healthier home, improve air quality and is less expensive than cleaning with traditional cleaning products. If you’re interested in decluttering your home before summertime arrives, this list of suggestions provides ways you can remove dirt and grime without the added risk of toxic cleaning products.

Scrubbing Cabinets With Lemon Oil

Overtime buildup like grease and residue collects on cabinet surfaces and leaves a sticky residue that won’t disappear unless you buckle down with your favorite cleaning solution and start scrubbing away. One of the best methods for removing the grime that collects on your cabinets is by grabbing a bucket of hot water, adding a few drops of lemon oil and scrubbing the cabinets with the rough side of the sponge.


Remove spots and smudges that you don’t have time to clean during the rest of the year by scrubbing the outside of your windows. If the windows are extremely dirty, you can use a soap and scrub brush, but if the dirt is minor, try using newspaper and vinegar to remove unwanted spots. The newspaper and vinegar won’t leave streaks like traditional window cleaners do.


Remembering to clean everyone’s favorite kitchen appliance that deals with caked on grime and leftover tomato sauce should be placed on the top of the list in terms of spring cleaning. To do this, pick up add a tablespoon of epsom salt to before the cycle runs along with lemon essential oils and a few drops of your favorite all-natural soap. You can also try sea salt and apple cider vinegar.


Make sure you deep clean your oven this spring. Most ovens have a deep clean setting and will allow the oven to run for 3-4 hours to make sure caked on food is removed. It might smoke a little, so make sure to have a fan on or a window open to keep the smell from permeating the house. Once the grime has been burnt off, sweep it out of your oven and toss it in the trash. Cleaning your oven on a regular basis can maintain the appliance and make sure the food cooks consistently.

Cleaning Tiled Surfaces

One of the best ways to remove built up grime from tiled surfaces is by making your own cleaning solution. By mixing half a cup of baking soda with two gallons of water, you can remove build up while avoiding toxic chemicals.



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