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While pregnancy might not always look and feel like a beautiful time, it really is and should be documented as so. Especially if this is your first pregnancy, you want to digitally document your journey with maternity photos. 

It would be particularly sweet that with each pregnant, you take maternity shots and fill an album. That way, you can refer back to them as you watch your babies grow into adults! Whether you plan to hire a professional photographer or are just asking an artistic friend to assist, here are some ideas for the perfect shot!

Think about your scenery: Choose your backdrop or scenery based on your personality. You may be most comfortable at home in your baby’s nursery, or maybe in a studio where you let the photographer take charge, or maybe you’re an outdoor kind of gal and want some nature with you. If you take photos where you feel most comfortable, that feeling will shine through, no matter how physically uncomfortable you feel!

Include the rest of the family: Your baby will be coming into a loving family soon so include that. You’ll undoubtedly want some shots of just you and your beautiful round belly but include photos of your husband or your unborn baby’s older brother or sister. Sweet photos like children touching your belly or your man kissing it make for a great shot! 

Wait for that baby bump: You want to make sure you wait until you are big, but not too big. And this will be different for everyone since everyone shows differently. You want to make sure your belly looks like your clearly pregnant but you don’t want to be too big that you’re uncomfortable in certain positions.

What to wear: Go for comfortably fitting clothing to show off that bump! Nothing too tight and also nothing too flowy. A great option would be a long maxi dress that tightens around your stomach but flows out elsewhere. If you’re comfortable, you should also have some shots with a bare belly because when you’re pregnant, your belly looks adorable, and you’ll want to capture that.

Do your photographer homework: Just as if you were shopping for a photographer for your wedding, make sure to do your homework, meet with photogs and see their work. Make sure you are comfortable with them and see how much experience they have shooting maternity photos.

Don’t forget the dramatic shots: Black and white silhouette photos are an awesome keepsake to have. You should also think about shots by a window and using the natural light or a close up of your and your husband’s hand on your belly.

Be natural: Don’t do any awkward poses. If you feel awkward, tell your photographer. You shouldn’t have to try too hard. The most natural poses and facial expressions make for the best photos!

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