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steps-to-a-good-nights-sleepIs every morning a battle to get out of bed?

You slam the snooze button and hope that a magical extra hour of rest will come your way? Sleeping shouldn't be a struggle and when it is, it affects your health dramatically. Without a good sleep, you can become unhappy, upset, sick, and not look your best - there is some truth to beauty sleep. These steps on falling and staying asleep ensure the best sleep you've ever had. 


6 Tips On Falling And Staying Asleep

Exercise During The Day

Get in your half hour to hour of exercise during the day. Reports show those who do so achieved a better sleep than those who stayed sedentary. Even if you have a long day at the office or are running a bunch of errands, get yourself active by taking the stairs, going on an morning or evening walk, or doing sit-ups while you watch TV! 

Keep It Cool

A study has shown people will go to sleep quickly and have a better rest overall if the body is cooled down. Taking a quick, cold shower before bed or lowering the room temperature to around 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit will do the trick. You can also purchase pillows, sheets and blankets that keep cool overnight. 


Avoid Light Before Bed

It's OK to enjoy a favorite reality show at night after a long day. Yet doing so then going straight to bed will hurt your sleep. The bright light of your television, computer and even your smart phone can deceive your brain, making it think it's still daytime. Take time to unwind from the day before going to bed without any distractions. If you're restless, consider picking up a paperback book or jotting thoughts down in a journal. 

No Coffee Or Alcohol

Drinking a stimulant like coffee is definitely a negatory thing to do before bed! A glass of wine is also not a smart choice. Alcohol, a depressant, may get you a bit woozy but it takes a toll on you later on in the night. With alcohol in the bloodstream can increase the times you wake up throughout the night. 

Get Comfy

Having a calm, comfortable environment to fall asleep in makes all the difference. Take off any uncomfortable clothing and change into light and soft sleepwear. If your bedroom is a cluttered mess, your mind may not be able to decompress. Also create a soothing environment right on the bed with blankets and pillows that you will enjoy snuggling into. When on the road or staying over at another person's place, you may get uncomfortable because it isn't your usual spot. It helps to take something you are used to like a good pillow to make the transition  easier. 

Be Consistent

Keep a consistent schedule with when you go to bed and wake up. Plan ahead for things like Daylight Savings Time or traveling that could cause jet lag. 

After a good rest, your mind is ready to think more concretely and logically. Studies show morning people to be more proactive and happier, thus allowing them to be positive and productive throughout the rest of the day.

Do you have any tricks that help you fall asleep and wake up feeling fresh? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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