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Every parent is looking for a few more minutes in their day, right? Deborah Gilboa, or Dr. G, wants parents to delegate to their kids every single thing they’re capable of doing. Just like at school, you want your kids to be doing the best they can on the hardest work they’re capable of. So, they should be doing the same thing at home. Giving them critical skills, like doing the laundry, will help them in the long run and give you a few extra minutes to yourself.

Laundry is not that difficult for kids to do. Starting around age seven or eight, kids are capable of all the skills they would need to sort laundry, use the washer and dryer safely, and fold. Here are a few tips to teach your kids how to do laundry.

Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Do Laundry

  • Don’t give kids your very best clothing to practice with.
  • Let them practice on their own clothing.
  • It is okay for kids to make mistakes at first!

Let your kids take something off of your plate by helping out around the house and doing the laundry. This is something you won't regret!

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