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toddler-tooth-care-headerTeaching toddlers to brush their teeth can be fun!

Teaching toddler tooth care is a fun way for your kids to learn how important it is to take good care of their teeth. Most little ones will welcome the lesson, but do make sure they are old enough to be brushing them on a daily basis. Studies show that teaching toddler tooth care when the child is two years of age is a great time to start, but some children are not ready until they reach three years of age. You should also invest in a dental checkup around their second or third birthday to ensure they have no cavities and that they have healthy little mouths.

Teaching Children Good Dental Hygiene

The first step in toddler tooth care is going to the store to pick up all of the most kid-friendly supplies you can find. You may spend over ten dollars just on a children's toothbrush and toothpaste, but if they are designed with your child's favorite character on them, you are guaranteed to have a toddler with a gleaming smile.

toddler-tooth-careStep One: Start Brushing Without Toothpaste

When you begin teaching the toddler tooth care, it is a good idea to start without any toothpaste. Just  water on the toothbrush will work. Show your toddler how to reach those hidden back teeth and how to brush them in circles on all sides. Explain that you should never brush your teeth too hard or too rough, but to brush them softly instead.

Step Two: Introduce Flossing

During the child's dental checkup, you may have been advised to engage in flossing your little one's teeth. You should pick a floss that is flavored if you can find one at your local grocery store. Avoid the very strong mint flavor that regular dental floss contains because it might turn kids off from your toddler tooth care program. It is much easier to floss children's teeth if they are laying down on a sofa or the floor with their heads rested on a small pillow. This way, you can get in between those teeth and see inside their mouths better.

Step Three: Always Make Brushing Teeth Fun

Encourage your other children to be supportive of your toddler tooth care rules. In many cases, if the older kids in the household sell the new chore of brushing teeth as fun and cool to the little one, the toddler tooth care will go much smoother. Always ask the child if he would like a different type of toothpaste or toothbrush when he runs out or needs something new for encouragement. Some of the newer brushes for kids are very cool with mechanical spinning heads, and some even play music. This is wonderful for a toddler as they are instructed to brush their teeth until the song is over.

Teaching your children how to care for their teeth helps them master an important skill they must learn for life. The better they brush and the more excitement you display for their good dental habits, the less trips to the dentist and high bills for filling cavities you will have to endure.

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