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tone-trouble-spotsSimple weight-lifting techniques to target unwanted fat.

All women want flat abs, great legs and, of course, stellar shoulders. As a fitness professional with over thirty years experience, I wanted to share some of my favorite, but simple exercises you can do at home that work all those trouble-spots in two challenging weight moves.

These secret weapon moves require light free weights, a mat, and balance.



Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 9.50.30 PMGet Rid of Saggy Belly and Arms 

Balance Burner

Start on hands and knees with one arm out to the side and opposite knee bent in the air. Keep arm in line with shoulder and straight as you lift and lower the weight. Use lighter weights for 12-15 repetitions or until you feel the burn in the back of your arm. The exercise targets your core, glutes, and back of the arms; its a 3-for-1 blast!

Plank Arm Twist

Start on hands and knee; or for a challenge to your core and shoulders, in a plank position. The weight is in your hand, so with a straight arm,  lift past the hips. Hold it at the top and rotate the palm. Perform 12-15 repetitions on each side or until you feel the burn. This exercise targets the shoulders, core, and triceps.

Keep in mind that diet is 70% of how your body looks, feels, and performs. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables as well as 80-100 grams of protein a day is a healthy way to have more energy, sleep better, and look your best.

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