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Photo Credit: New York Times

An animated celebration of this year’s best and brightest Broadway plays and musicals came to life again on the Tony Awards stage Sunday night in NYC. Hosted by Kristin Chenoweth and Alan Cumming at the prestigious Radio City Music Hall, this year’s favorite performances including The Elephant Man, Fun Home and An American in Paris took home several honors and awards throughout the evening.

Although choosing the top moments from the night is a difficult task to take on, we’ve recapped our five favorites from the 2015 Tony Awards.

1. Bradley Cooper Jokes

If you were thinking it, Chenoweth and Cumming said it. Before The Elephant Man star took the stage to present the award for Best Actress to Helen Mirren, he was poked fun at by the ribbing hosts. 

“I’m so excited to introduce our first presenter because he’s someone I’ve slept with,” said Chenoweth. “Me too!” Cumming replied.

Chenoweth glared at Cumming and said, “No, I just wanted to get the rumor out!”

2. Fun Home/Phone Home

This punny joke might have not taken off the way Chenoweth and Cumming had hoped.

Kristen Chenoweth, whose physical height played along perfectly with the attempted joke, took the stage in an E.T. costume, paying homage to the infamous “Phone home” line from the Spielberg film – the small skit attempted to be the visual for the multiple awarded Fun Home Broadway play.

3. Awkward Acceptance

Ruthie Ann Miles took home the Tony award for best featured actress in a musical for her performance in The King and I. After confessing to the audience, “This feels like I’m being punked,” Miles continued the rest of her speech by reading directly off her iPhone – thoughtfully prepared but uncomfortable to watch. She also added in, “Please recycle.”

After a substantial amount of rambling, the evening’s dancing troupe took the stage as a cue for Miles to wrap it up.

4. Seinfeld on Stage

Fan favorites Larry David and Jason Alexander took the stage to poke fun at themselves for getting severely snubbed at this year’s Tony Awards. Their comedy, Fish in the Dark, went without recognition which ended up paying off for this comedic skit.

“The true measure of a man is not to be nominated and still show up to read a list of names of those who are nominated,” Alexander shared. David replied, “That’s a big man; That’s a big, big man.”

“You say ‘big man’; others might say ‘loser,’” quipped back Alexander.

David wrote and starred in the play, which opened March 5 of this year, and the play had threads of invoking anti-Semitism throughout.

“If by ‘loser,’ you’re referring to a man who’s greeted eight times a week by 1,000 people that stand as one, applauding until their hands are raw, cheering until their voices are spent, whispering, ‘He’s so much better looking in person,’ and laughing until their faces are contorted in an anguished mask,” David continued, “that can best be described as sort of Bell’s palsy.”

5. Helen Mirren on Stage

The last highlight of the evening actually goes to one of the beginning moments of the award ceremony. The first award of the evening was honoring leading actress in a play. Helen Mirren took home the honor and kicked off the night with an elegant acceptance speech and perhaps, one of the best dresses of the night.

Winning for her portrayal as Queen Elizabeth II in The Audience, she graciously said, “This is an unbelievable honor. I am so thrilled.” 

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