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too-much-high-intensity-workoutWho thought too much exercise was unhealthy? 

A new study shows that too much high-intensity exercise could lead to heart problems. Who would have thought that too much exercise could actually do us more harm than good? Two separate studies were done on groups ages 45 and older, evaluating exercise habits from earlier in their lives. 

Do Intense Workouts Harm Our Hearts? 

The first study was conducted by German researchers who followed over 1,000 people in their 60s. The other study involved Swedish researchers who surveyed over 44,000 people between the ages of 45 to 79. 

The German study focused on those who had heart disease and had been in an exercise program to prevent further heart problems. The least physically active people were at an increased risk for heart problems and earlier death. But the most active group also had increased risk of dying of heart problems.

The second study assessed people and their physical activity habits at various ages throughout their lives. The most active men developed an irregular heartbeat by age 60. Among those men who exercised more than five hours a week when they were younger, but for less than an hour a week by the time they reached age 60, their irregular heartbeat risk jumped.

So high-intensity workouts may or may not be the solution for your fitness program now, but as always, it's better to eat healthy and exercise than not at all!

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