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Every year on July 10 in the U.K. or February 27 in the U.S., a rag-tag group of shaggy haired punks from Liverpool are honored for becoming unlikely but beloved pop culture icons of the 20th century. Arguably the most recognizable music group in history, The Beatles changed the face of popular music and inspired countless covers of their work by other top artists.

The July date honors The Beatles' return to Liverpool on July 10, 1964 after their U.S. tour, right before the premiere of their movie A Hard Day's Night. Its a landmark of the Fab Four's rise to fame. The February date for Yanks focuses more on the peacefulness and beauty of much of the Beatles' music, just in time for Spring. 

From Frank Sinatra to Kurt Cobain, The Beatles’ influence spans the spectrum of popular music. Whether you celebrate the Beatles on just one day or every day of the year, you'll love these Beatles covers from across the music universe. 

1. Stevie Wonder: We Can Work It Out

2. Earth Wind & Fire: Got To Get You Into My Life 

3. Elton John: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

4. Arctic Monkeys: Come Together  

5. Jimi Hendrix: Day Tripper

6. Kurt Cobain: And I Love Her

7. Frank Sinatra: Yesterday 

8. Ed Sheeran: In My Life

9. Jack White: Mother Nature's Son 

10. Elvis Presley: Something

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