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iStock 594041346 CroppedPumpkin lattes, crisp air and bright school buses scooping up our little ones each morning so we have some free hours--yay! Fall has arrived and while the leaves are changing, so are everyone’s schedules. Now that you’re in full-hectic-mode, you might need some help being everywhere at once. Keyword: babysitter or nanny. 

Ever thought of turning to that adorable neighbor who is always so sweet to your kids in passing and seems oh-so capable to help you out as a babysitter? Not only is she or he conveniently located down the street, but he or she might be looking to earn some extra money, so the situation is ideal for you both.

How To Find An Amazing Babysitter

Whether you need someone to greet your little ones off the bus, play with one child while you take another to an after school activity, or maybe tuck your kids into bed so you and your hubby can sneak off to (a much overdue) night out, now it’s more essential than ever to have a go-to babysitter.

But how do you know who’s right to care for your precious kids? To make this process easier, we’ve compiled vital interview questions for babysitters to help you find that perfect go-to teen for when you need that last minute help. Use this cheat sheet to determine whether to welcome her over your threshhold or keep on waving as you drive by.

Top 10 Interview Questions for Babysitters

1. When did you start babysitting and what is your rate?
2. Have you taken any babysitting, CPR, or baby first-aid classes?
3. Do you currently babysit for another family? How old are their children? How often do you sit for them?
4. Do you have any younger brother or sisters?
5. What would you do in an emergency situation?
6. What are your grades in school? What after-school activities are you involved with?
7. Do your parents encourage you to babysit or did you decide to babysit on your own?
8. What sort of activities do you like to do with children? Have you ever been a camp counselor?
9. Can you prepare meals and snacks for the kids?
10. Do you have a license? Can I have a copy of your driving record? Do you feel comfortable driving kids?


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