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top-10-annoying-restaurant-trendsWe all enjoy going out to eat with our friends and family. Eating out at restaurants provides us with great food, a different atmosphere, and an easy meal since we don’t have to clean up afterwards. However, sometimes eating out at restaurants can be more of a nuisance than an enjoyable time. Here are my top 10 most annoying restaurant trends.

1. Lack of Service

I hate to wait long periods for the food to be delivered, wait for my drink to be refilled and then have to wait for the check to arrive.  If you are in a hurry, tell your server upfront.

2. Bread Baskets For Which You Are Charged

Nothing tells me more about the quality of a restaurant than the quality of the bread they serve.  And I don’t want another upcharge for that privilege.

3. Side Dishes for Which You Are Charged

Another upcharge that bothers me is the charge for a la carte side dishes.  These run the bill up nicely for the restaurant as they also use this tactic for bottled water, appetizers, daily specials, and desserts.

4. No Substitutions

I know the chef has worked hard to put together the best dish he/she deems possible, but if I don’t like turnips, raw onions, cilantro or rhubarb (you get the idea), I should be able to have the dish my way.

5.  Smell of Cleaning Solution

How many times have you been seated at a restaurant to encounter the smell of cleaning solutions such as bleach or ammonia or the sound of vacuuming or moping?  I know this is sometimes necessary but don’t do this during serving hours or don’t seat customers in these areas while you clean.

6. LARGE Portions

I dine out to taste a variety of foods, not to gorge myself.  I know restaurants can charge more when they give you more food but I don’t like this concept.  Works for the restaurants; not always for the diner.

7. Cash Only

Thankfully I don’t encounter too many restaurants with this policy nowadays as it can be a major inconvenience for the diner. But watch out, as some small ethnic restaurants do not accept credit cards or checks, only cash.

8. Fee for Splitting an Entrée

If I want to lose weight or don’t have a lot of money to spend but still want to dine out, I should be allowed to split an entrée without an additional charge.  I know this is not good for the restaurants bottom-line, but whatever happened to customer service?  Isn’t the customer always supposed to be right?

9. Overbearing Servers

The servers who sit down at your table or booth to take your order or crouch down to get close to you, the ones who hover during your meal and ask “Are you still working on that?” near the end---I can do without all of these!

10. Uneducated Servers

I mean servers who are not educated about the content of the food they are serving.  I expect my server to know what is in a dish, how it is prepared and hopefully, they have tasted it.  I know this is not always possible.  But at least know if a dish is served hot or cold.

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