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the-best-babysitter-series-top-20-interview-questionsUse these tips to find the right caregiver!

You’ve just gotten panic stricken. You absolutely need to find a caregiver. Whether you are going back to work or just need some grown-up time out, the person who you hire to care of your kids, in your mind, has to be a mirror image of you in terms of how she cares for them, loves them, attends to them and more.

Short of channeling Mary Poppins to float in for you, you will have your share of work to find that “perfect” person—or one who is very close to it. We will help you maneuver this very important endeavor.

Once you narrow down your list of potential candidates (check back for future blogs in this Babysitter Series to find out where to look for a caregiver as well as interview questions for teen babysitters and more), you will make appointments to sit down to chat. You will be interviewing potential babysitters (and they interview you, by the way). You want to be prepared to ask a series of questions that will hopefully help you get to know them better, determine their reactions to certain situations and overall feelings on particular matters.

In the past, we provided a list of top 10 questions to interview potential babysitters. Of course, your decision will also be based on other factors including your instinct, their warmth and attitude to name a few. But, it is important to not let her leave feeling like you didn’t remember ask a particular question or wishing that you had.

These interview questions for caregivers are the ones that need to be asked—and there’s no reason to feel uneasy, embarrassed or hesitant about asking any one of them. This person is applying for the position to care for your most prized possessions and you need to know all you can about them.

Top 20 Interview Questions for Caregivers

  1. How long have you been caring for children?
  2. What age children have you cared for before?
  3. What is your favorite age group of children to look after? Your least favorite? Why?
  4. [For newborns] Have you ever done baby nursing?
  5. What was the longest amount of time you were with a family? Do you still work for/keep in touch with them?
  6. Do you have any special certifications? Are you trained in CPR or first-aid?
  7. How do you handle discipline?
  8. Would you back up our parenting philosophy or feel it’s better to institute your own?
  9. Do you believe children should be on a schedule or are you more apt to let them be free with when they eat and nap?
  10. What do you like to do with the children you sit for?
  11. Do you prefer finding ways to entertain children at home or do you like to attend classes/go to the park/have playdates?
  12. Were you ever faced with an emergency situation when babysitting? How did you handle or how would you handle an emergency situation?
  13. What is your favorite part about working with children? What is your least favorite part?
  14. What are your outside interests?
  15. Is child care your long-term career goal?
  16. Do you have children of your own? If so, what is your child care situation for them?
  17. What would you pack in a diaper bag to go out and about?
  18. Do you drive? Can we see a copy of your record?
  19. Are you a citizen? Do you have a green card?
  20. Is your timing flexible? What is your hourly/weekly rate?

We know it's a difficult process. But, once you find the right babysitter it's smooth sailing from there. Don't be hesistant or feel bad asking many questions during the interview, these are your kids and you want them to feel safe!

For more work by Amy and Jara, check out Poshmom!

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