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Top 4 Holiday Office Party Outfit Ideas

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Top 4 Holiday Office Party Outfit Ideas1

Holiday office party outfits can be tricky. You need to have a balance between professional, festive and sexy. So, how do you accomplish that? With our help of course! You can totally throw something together with items already in your closet or get out to the mall and buy something new. We have come up with four holiday office party outfit ideas that will make you feel confident and cheery! Get in the holly jolly mood at your office party with a chic, festive outfit! 

iStock 000018852774XSmallShow Off Your Holiday Enthusiasm 

Rock an outfit that shows just how in the holiday spirit you really are! You don’t need to wear a Christmas sweater that lights up to prove your holiday enthusiasm. Here’s what you need: 

  • A black skirt. Make sure it is at least long enough to reach your knees because remember, it’s an office party.
  • Light, black tights. 
  • Red, velvet heels. Try shooties, they are totally in! 
  • Red, sparkly top that match your shoes.

Compile this outfit together and you will have something that is professional, fashionable and holiday motivated! 

Lace Never Fails 

Lace is a great fabric for the winter and holiday season. If you want something simple, try a lace white or black dress. Better yet, if you find a lace dress accented with both white and black, you’re in business! Or go for a dark red lace dress. Pair it with some cute pumps. This is a safe yet sexy option. Don’t forget a slip underneath! 

Sweater Up!

Sweaters scream winter and holiday season. A great outfit option is to pair a light colored vinyl skirt with a matching colored sweater. Tuck the sweater into the skirt and pair the outfit with black heels and a pearl necklace. Try making the outfit pop with a brightly colored lipstick. This is a cute and festive preppy look! 

Popping Pants 

Just because it’s a party, doesn’t automatically mean you have to wear a skirt or a dress. Try some sparkly or festive patterned pants with a fun, matching top. Enhance the look further with some sexy heels. This time of year, it’s never been easier to find sparkly, holiday inspired pants or leggings. 

Are you going to a holiday office party this year? What holiday office party outfit never fails for you?


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