top-5-messy-hairstylesTidy hairstyles are out and messy, carefree locks are totally in! Try these five easy up-dos for an easy and fun fall look.

Time to get your hair red carpet ready. Messy hairstyles, when done properly, can look simply chic and stylish. We have five easy, messy hairstyles that don’t require a hairstylist, just you. Whether you have a cute bob or long, luscious locks, any of these hairdos will work for you.

Carefree Waves

Shower before bed and when your hair is slightly damp, divide your hair to either side and create loose braids on each side. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll have wavy hair. To get the messy look, tease the top and sides and add texturizing spray and shake it around for some carefree waves. This is a great option for a carefree day at the beach.

Messy Bun

After blow-drying your hair, add some texturizing spray and tease the ends. Gather your hair, while leaving a few pieces on each side, and tie into a loose bun. Add hairspray to the loose pieces and follow up with a skinny headband for some extra style. This could easily turn into a chic bride-to-be hairstyle; just add a hairpin.

Messy Side Braid

Tease your hair, then gather all your hair to the side and braid down to the tips. Pull apart on the sides to make it look messy, yet stylish. Follow up with a little hairspray. This bohemian look is easy, stylish and sexy; perfect for a first date!

Messy Pony

Brush out your hair and tease only the ends. Create a ponytail, while keeping the top and sides smooth. Smooth out the tops with shine spray and hairspray and piece apart the ponytail with hair gel. We love this hairstyle because it’s smooth and sophisticated on top and a party in the back.

Slightly Bumpin’ It

Huge bumpin’ hairstyles have been in for years but recently, we’ve seen many celebs rock the do. Simply gather a chunk of hair in the center, hold straight up and tease. Spray the teased area with hairspray and hold until dry. Lightly let the hair down and style. Continue to tease to desired height.

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