top-6-hair-tutorial-disasters-videoHere are the best hairstyle video tutorial fails you don't want to miss. 

Everybody has their reasons for not going to a hairstylist. An old coworker used to tell me she only got her hair cut once every three years. She hated having to talk to the hairstylist the entire time like they were actually close friends.

So, thanks to YouTube these days, you can look up almost any video tutorial on how to do anything. This includes how to cut your hair, how to create perfect curls, how to insert weird accessories into your hair, or sometimes you can watch others straightening their hair for no reason at all. However, sometimes these online beauty tutorials go terribly wrong, yet they still get published by the victim.

We’ve collected some of the top six hair tutorial disasters that will make you debate whether you should visit a professional or try to attempt a do-it-yourself hairstyle.

Popular Hair Disaster Videos

This hot stick must have had a short circuit... she said later in an interview. This will make you not want to curl your hair for awhile!


We didn’t know you could be so bad at both makeup and hair in the same video.

Meet the exploding hair straightener... 

Caution: Pliers and feather extensions may not be the best idea ever invented.

Is the hair burning off or the kid in the background more funny?

This is not how you do your daughter’s hair in the morning.

We can’t figure out why these online beauty instructors decide to publish these videos, but sometimes, you end up on Ellen and become famous from your YouTube hair tutorial disaster like Tori in the short circuit curling accident.

These ladies are brave for showing their mistakes for the world to see. But, it only makes us wonder, would any of you ever publish humiliating videos of your beauty disasters just to become famous? We aren't so sure we can own up to it!

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