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Foods trends continue to develop across the nation.

Whether it be amazing combinations of delicious foods (we're talking chocolate chip cookies and a cinnamon roll together), or foods that have always been around but are just now seeing a spike in popularity, these trends are ever-changing and very often delicious!

We've complied a list of this year's top tasty trends, based on data provided by Yelp and a recently published list from the Huffington Post. Note: Do not read this if you're hungry.

Top 10 Food Trends of 2014

1. Cronut

If a croissant and a bagel had a baby it would be a cronut. While the trend isn't new to the culinary world, its popularity continues to flourish as one of the top bakery items across the nation.

2. Cookie Milk Shots

A cookie, in the shape of a glass, with milk inside… genius!

3. Kale... Everything!

Kale is one of the hippest veggies at the farmers market lately. With so many uses and cooking options, it's become a staple leafy green in many meals.

4. Waffle Taco

You can thank Taco Bell for this breakfast creation. A waffle folded in half, stuffed with syrup, egg, bacon and other breakfast items.

5. Craft Beer

Say goodbye to PBR and hello to the IPA. That's right people, craft beer is all the rage lately. Whether it be Chicago's own Anti-Hero or New Belgium's Fat Tire you will never look at Miller Light the same way again.

6. Cheesy Doritos

We're not talking cheese-flavored Doritos. We're talking cheese stuffed inside a dorito. Mind blowing right?

7. Coconut Water

Some drink it for its special nutrients, others because it tastes sweet or even because they're sick of regular water. While there is debate on the health value of drinking coconut water, it doesn't appear those doubts have sparked a drop in drinkers.

8. Food Trucks

Burritos, tacos, pizza, salads… you can get almost anything you want these days from a food truck. The moving vending machines can be found all over big cities and even in some suburbs and fans are flocking to get their hands on some of the foods found in this delicious new trend.

9. Chocolate Chip Cookie Cinnamon Roll

A cinnamon roll, with a chocolate chip cookie baked inside, drizzled with frosting. Need we say more?

10. Deviled Eggs

This comfort food party dish is going mainstream. With different variations and ingredients, the deviled egg has taken on a whole new flavor. Snack time, lunch time or party time - it doesn't matter when you eat them anymore!

Share your favorite trendy foods with us!

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