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Looking back over this past year, we have become more and more aware of what we’re eating and how much we’re moving. While it’s difficult to think back over the last year on all of the news of 2013, we’ve compiled a quick 2013 health year in review.

Some health trends were surprising, while others seem to continue to be a continuous battle. See what stories made the 2013 list.

With Obamacare kicking off, we saw a lot of new calorie counts on menus in restaurants, especially in fast food establishments. But, even though the numbers were available, that doesn’t mean we were choosing the healthier meal options.

There are more reasons to also be eating more chocolate and drinking more wine. You might notice supplements in the stores becoming more available for the consumer in order to receive healthy amounts of each of these ingredients in our diets.

The FDA took the first steps in banning trans fat this year too. The FDA is hoping this will decrease the number of heart attacks in individuals now that the dangerous ingredient will disappear from all products in the United States.

Pregnant moms are joining groups and being more active. After a study done from Univeristy of Montreal, babies who have active moms while pregnant and after birth, show results of having smarter kids and mature brain functions later in life.

Lastly, sitting could be the new smoking. It has been revealed that those sitting for at least six hours a day are also living six years less. Now, that’s a good reason to stand up for yourself this year.

Were any of these health stories shocking to you this year? Share your thoughts on Facebook or on Twitter!

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