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The Daily Show may still be on, but the satirical mastermind behind its meteoric rise in popularity, Jon Stewart, has left the news desk. For many voters, this will be their first election without Stewart around to provide clarity and a few laughs during the absurdity of the national election.

For those who enjoy a healthy dose of satire and sarcasm to help keep the election and its many candidates in check, we've rounded up the best sites to get your political humor fix. 

The Borowitz Report

With a tagline reading "The news, reshuffled," you know you're in store for a comedic spin on current events. The Borowitz Report, an online column for The New Yorker written by Andy Borowitz, is some of the most thoughtful political satire you'll find online. 

There's a lot of pretenders in the satire game, but Borowitz is the real deal. The articles are sharp as they are enlightening and the headlines alone are enough for a giggle or two. 

The National Report

Laid out to look like a legitimate news site, The National Report could easily be mistaken for a source for real news. A quick look at the hysterical headlines that populate the front page will quickly change your mind. 

With stories like "Obama Orders EPA to 'Cork' Old Faithful Geyser To Reduce Global Warming," The National Report goes beyond today's political headlines to deliver strong content that takes shots at both sides.


Fans of the bygone newspaper era will love scrolling through some of the most thought provoking political cartoons of our day.

From education, police brutality, to immigration, if it's a hot-button issue in this election, this Tumblr page is there to spoof it. 

The Onion

In case you've been living under a digital rock, you've likely heard of The Onion or seen a hilarious story or two from it pop up on your Facebook newsfeed. In the satire vacuum left behind by Stewart's departure from The Daily Show, The Onion is best poised to fill that job opening.

The beloved publication reaches an audience in the millions with their one of a kind take on current events. The 2016 Presidential election will surely inspire some quality content so be sure to give them a follow!

The People's Cube

Probably the most edgy satirical site on this list, The People's Cube offers up their own brand of quirky political coverage. 

Spoofing the biggest stories of our day isn't easy, but The People's Cube draws the reader in with their own absurd version of satire. 

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