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16445-top-season-finale-cliffhangers-of-2014-jane-the-virginPhoto Credit: The CW

The season finale is often the most important moment for any television show. When they're done right, finales strike a balance between satisfaction and frustration for having to wait a year until the next season starts.

Last year's television season featured some intense finales that had audiences begging for more. Here are our picks for 2014's top three finales to help refresh your memory.

The Walking Dead

After five seasons of grotesque, zombie smashing brutality, it's good to see The Walking Dead continuing to surprise their audience and get them coming back for more. The notorious Wolves are at it again, spreading even more terror throughout a thoroughly terrifying world. They gave us a climactic finish while moving the story along nicely into what's sure to be a killer season 6. 

The Flash

The first season of this serialized superhero drama had comic books fans and TV critics raving. The biggest act of heroism in the season came not from The Flash, but from Eddie Thawne in the season finale. Upon realizing one of his decedents turns out to be a time-traveling super villain, Eddie takes his own life to prevent him from ever being born. Unfortunately, this causes a singularity which rips a hole in space and time over Central City.

Jane the Virgin

One of the most anticipated season premieres this fall comes after one of the most successful starter seasons we've seen in a while. Jane the Virgin expertly built up anticipation for the birth of Jane's baby Mateo. The child was soon after kidnapped by a crime kingpin, making for a rough first day on Earth, as well as a frustrated audience that has to wait a year to see how the story pans out. 

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