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Top 10 Holiday Fashion Disasters

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TOP-10-holiday-fashion-disastersWhat Could be Worse Than Tasteless Holiday Decor on YOU?

Well, that would probably be wearing it. During the holiday season, it seems there are so many opportunities to show off your flair. Work parties, parties for the kids, church functions, and more. It's important to remember not to fall into the trap of dressing awful for the holidays, and to avoid a holiday fashion disaster! Do you find yourself still pulling out

the knitted , or embroidered Christmas sweaters out of the closet each season? Those went out in the eighties, and if you're still wearing them , than that's the last time you went out, too!

How to Avoid a Holiday Fashion Disaster

Avoid "themed" sweaters, sweatshirts or t-shirts , they just make you look frumpy, not festive. Instead, try celebrating the season and having fun by using season appropriate items, or colors instead of opting for a holiday fashion train wreck. For instance, try using dark blue items for winter, they give a nice, crisp feel , and present a nice background for winter accessories such as scarves, hats, gloves or even holiday earrings. For example, last year I went to my husband's work party and wore a nice dark blue cashmere sweater with a white scarf.

I also wore a pair of dainty white snowflake earrings. It was festive and seasonal, but not just another dissident ensemble of tacky christmas clothes. I got so many compliments on it! Silver jewelry is a nice accent to wear during the holiday season, it reminds people of the sparkly tinsel on the Christmas Tree! Another thing I like about dressing more neutrally appropriate for the season is that i feel like i don't offend anyone who might not celebrate the same holidays I do.

Top-Ten -Holiday-Fashion-DisastersAnother way to avoid a holiday fashion disaster is to keep an eye on what a lot of celebrities are wearing, and do a very toned-down version of it. I'm not talking about copying what Lady Gaga is wearing! Find a celebrity in a similar age group or an actress or musician you like and look at her holiday fashion and emulate it. Going to outlet or dress for less stores really saves you a lot of money and keeps you in the current holiday trends and can keep you from choosing a Christmas fashion catastrophe.

Jennifer Anniston is a great example. She's a sassy woman in her late 30's that's always dressed cute and appropriate. Some women might relate more to Demi Moore, who's classy, but has an edge, not to mention married to a much younger guy. She wears sexy red dresses to holiday events, without ever showing too much and paired with a faux fur clutch. Drew Barrymore is one of my favorites. She's now a young woman in her 30's, but has a style all her own. Sometimes she pairs a simple accessory, such as a cute knit hat with jeans and a beautifully draped sweater to complete her holiday look.

For earlier in the season I love to play with earth tones. October and November are perfect for wearing colors such as warm browns, like caramel or coffee colors, but don't over-do it with the color orange or people will end up calling you a pumpkin! Because we're headed into winter, stay away from wearing summery colors, including pastels and especially white.

With all of this said I admint that it is fun to use these tacky Christmas sweaters when you host or go to a tacky Christmas party! I particularly like the ones that light up or sing when you press a button on the shirt! They're good for that Christmas kitsch fashion, but that's different. If you wear one of these ugly holiday outfits to a more serious event, like a work party, then the joke would be on you.

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