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Train For Your Next Vacation

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Whether you dream of wearing a bikini, or being able to walk all day without getting sore, now’s the time to train for your vacation. Nothing could be more pleasant than bringing your longed-for vacation right into your day today.

If you’re taking a vacation soon, use it to add new motivation to your routine. I am over the moon excited about going to Italy for the first time. It looms large in my mind like a month of Sundays. In all my imaginings, we are active – traversing ruins all day long and transitioning to nightlife in strappy sandals and a dress. But each night as I fall into bed, I think, man, am I tired!

That’s inspiring me to close the gap between my fitness now and where I want to be before I hit the road. Join me to get your #33minutes of exercise every day, and boost the fun by making it vacation-themed.  Try these four vacation/exercise mashups.

1. Make it a party. My new Roman holiday workout means I’m not just walking around my neighborhood. I’m preparing for the Coliseum! What theme can you use to add an extra layer of interest to your workout?

2. Instead of just reading tourbooks, download a travelguide on audio and exercise somewhere it’s safe to listen. Get educated and fit at the same time.

3. Give your ‘wear’ a trial run. Literally.  Will those cute shoes be great to walk in all week? Take them for a test drive on your workout. If they aren’t comfortable for #33minutes, they’re not going to be comfortable at the end of an active travel day.

4. Find your weak points. What happens when you get in a 2 hour walk? Schedule one and find out! Do your ankles hurt? Do your socks rub? You’re getting extra exercise while making discoveries about your body while you can address them. Look for exercises that strengthen the right muscles for your particular discomfort.

Does all this sound like it would take time you don’t have? Here are 5 ways to get back 10 hours a week to make your #33minutes happen.

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