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Pumpkin pies, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pound cake, pumpkin bread, ahhhh, it's beginning to smell and taste like fall.

With the onset of a new season, we tend to remember to change house decor, garden flowers, and wardrobe, but forget to transition the makeup bag. Well, your makeup bag could use a little sprucing up too. Get out with old and in with the new like a pro!

Summer to Fall Makeup Ideas

Here's what you (for sure) need in your makeup bag: a few dark lipsticks and other fall trends like metallic eyeshadows and matte nail polish.

Here's what you need to do: Take the beauty products you wear only or especially in the summertime out of the beauty bag to properly transition your makeup bag from summer to fall.

Sheer and Bright → Creamy and Matte

Beware that bold lips are never out of style, but when fall comes around, it's time to put away the pastels for natural lip hues. Keeping color in your bag is never a bad thing, but choose deeper, richer and darker shades of your sheer and bright lipsticks. Creamier lipsticks are more moisturizing than matte lipsticks. In fall, it's great to wear creamier lipsticks to get lips ready for the harsh winter. Matte lipsticks are good for fall because it's not yet winter. Remember to always moisturize with a lip primer or moisturizing agent before applying a matte lipstick.


Beachy and Bronze → Artsy and Contour Cheeks

Shimmering and having a sunkissed glow is what every girl wants in the summertime. While it's perfectly fine to keep your bronzer on hand, you'll want to alter how you apply it to your face. Get your hands on a matte bronzer and apply it opposite of where you apply bronzing blushes. Instead of focusing on the apples of the cheeks, apply it underneath the apples of the cheeks and on the temple area of the forehead. Call it transitioning from sunkissed to fall fierce. It also helps contour your face (making your cheekbones look more defined).


BB Cream and CC Cream → Foundation

BBs and CCs are a beauty product staple in summer just about every girl has in her makeup bag. These creams and tinted moisturizers are the perfect products with the hot sun beating down on us. As the weather starts to cool, our skin needs something a bit creamier. Opt for your favorite foundation to provide more coverage and hide any imperfections.


Gilded Eyeshadow → Metallic and Matte Lids

Again, shimmer is for summer. Do away with super shimmering eyeshadows and go for more metallics and mattes. Metallic eyeshadows come in gold, silver, plum, and mattes come in the same colors, but also brights. Put a few go-to colors in your autumn makeup bag.


Got it? Ready... set... go switch up your makeup! The new season gives you the perfect opportunity to change your look.

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