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You don't want your child complaining when visiting the art district of Berlin. You don't want them screaming inside the caverns of Tennessee. You definitely don't want them rocking the boat when traveling the seas of the Caribbean. When traveling with kids, it's best to look for kid friendly countries and destinations.

Washington, D.C.


You can educate your child about the history of America and walk through globally recognized museums that are tailored for children. If you're thinking about trying a kid friendly destination, check out Washington D.C.. It offers attractions like the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial and tours of the U.S. Capital. Washington D.C. can provide your children a new historical perspective. 



Got a taste for fish and chips? Then pack your bags and head to London! With attractions like Big Ben, the River Thames, and the Crown Jewels, London is the hot spot for history buffs. Many children already associate London with a sense of mystery and fun after reading tales like Peter Pan or Sherlock Holmes. Book your flight today!

Niagara Falls, Canada


Children will be truly captivated by the size and scope of Niagara Falls. Not only will you be able to capture some glorious shots, your children will be enthralled by the great forces of nature. They will learn facts about Niagara Falls and tall tales associated with its history. If you're looking a trip that is centered around nature, think Niagara Falls.

Sydney, Australia


If you're looking for a major change of location for you and the kids, try Sydney Australia. Yes, booking the flight may be a challenge, but you'll be able to sun yourself at the beach while the kids are entertained. If your children are a bit older, you might even catch a show at the world famous Sydney Opera House. If they're younger, try visiting a zoo. There's plenty of activities to partake in under the sun! 


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