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travel-workout-tipsWeight Gain and Travel

As many of us know, vacation can be a time of overindulgence, whether it be with food, drink, being too sedentary or just plain ambivalence. But vacations don't have to get us off the path from our workouts and healthy habits.  There are simple ways to keep our travel fitness workouts strong and prevent weight gain while we play.  Exercise should not stop just because we are away from familiarity.  Following are five quick tips to keep your body rockin' during vacations and time away from home.

Top Travel Workout Tips

  • Make sure you have a plan. Envision when and where you will work out. Will it be in the am or pm? Will it be in the hotel fitness room or outside? What sort of exercise will you do and when?  What kind of clothing do you need and how much will you pack?
  • Consider exercising with a workout buddy. Maybe it's your spouse or significant other.  Maybe it's your motivated teen.  If you are accountable to another, chances are you will commit to the workout. Time exercising with another is still fun even when you are on vacation!  And then you can reward yourselves and relax without guilt. 
  • Be Mindful of the "Why." Remember why you are keeping up your exercise regime.  As you travel, keep your goals at the forefront of your mind. Envision yourself healthy and fit. Remember that you don't want to lose the progress that has propelled you toward health and fitness.  When you return home, not only will you be rested and rejuvenated, but you will be in optimum shape.
  • Take easy-to-pack equipment along. Exercise bands are excellent for travel workouts and are great for keeping toned up.  In addition, there are many exercises you can perform in your hotel room using your own body weight if you would like to skip the hotel fitness room.  Plan out what you will do each day and which body parts you will target. 
  • Meet with a personal trainer before travel: Trainers can review with you the many exercises that bands allow and show you body weight moves, which are powerful ways to challenge you without equipment. And consider following up with a trainer when you return. Trainers can give you an assessment and keep you on track.  And trainers don't have to be expensive.  If you are a member of a gym, many offer free consultations and assessments to foster good fitness.

The bottom line is, you can have a great vacation without growing out of your clothes.  All it takes is planning, desire, motivation and optimism. Be cognizant of what you are eating, but remember to indulge yourself.  Women that keep weight off do everything right eighty percent of the time.  By continuing to exercise while on vacation, you can breathe easily, knowing that even if you are in an unfamiliar place, you can still keep up the good habits that enrich health.

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