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Alaska Wants To Meet You

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travel-alaska.com-wants-to-meet-youThinking about traveling to Alaska?

Alaskans don't grow up with penguins or polar bears in their backyard. They don't live in igloos or only eat fish, although seafood does take up a majority of their menus. Alaskans have summers in 80s and the sun never fully sets at night during those warmer days. There are surprisingly hundreds of facts about Alaska that you may never know unless you visit the biggest state in our country. Yes, it's bigger than Texas.

Whether you're celebrating an anniversary or wanting to brag at your next family reunion during the holidays, consider taking a wild trip to Alaska to end the year with.

Wild Things To Do In Alaska

  • Glacier & wildlife cruises
  • Overnight, freshwater, and saltwater fishing
  • Glacier hiking and climbing
  • Ecotour adventures
  • Ziplining and rafting
  • Railroad day adventures
  • Sled dog tours
  • Bear wildlife viewing
  • Northern Lights showing
  • Snowmobiles

Hopefully you already have a pencil and paper out. You're going to want to put your Alaska vacation list into action.

Take this daring adventure. People will double-take when you tell them you just got back from Alaska. You’ll have photos to prove it.