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trend-finishing-salonsBlow-dry bars are the latest salon trend designed to give your hair the finishing touches it needs, no haircut or coloring necessary. Nearly everyone and their grandmother is heading to these hair styling-only salons to achieve that sleek, polished blow-dry look. 

But what makes these spots even better... is when you add in all the rest of the touches needed for a perfect girl's night out!

The salon blowout, which was once only reserved for special events, has become an accessible and affordable option for women looking to battle a hair slump with a swingy voluminous look for a day in the office or a night out.

A 'finishing' service doesn't just stop at hair, however. Some salons are getting the hint that women want to be all-around pampered for everyday occasions, not just special events. They offer makeup and perfume services as well - perfect for an all-around glamorous and put-together look that requires zero-effort on your part.

Goldplaited Salon in Chicago is just one of these 'finishing' salons that offers the whole beauty package in one sitting. Watch to see how these new salons are transforming the experience and convenience of getting picture-ready!

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