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trending-hairstyle-the-lobWe've got the latest celebrity hairstyle trends! 

Sometimes with the change of season, we need a change for ourselves. Summer is the perfect time to go from long hair to short hair while still looking totally stylish. The lob, or long bob as its name suggests, is the look among Hollywood moms right now. In fact, we are hearing about someone new sporting it each and every day.

We at The A List will tell you how celebrities are trimming their locks and what you need to know to do yours just as stylish.

The lob is a longer version of the bob, and we, along with celebrities who are trimming their locks in this style, think it’s just perfect for the warmer weather. While you don’t have to go super short for it, you are taking away the heft (and heat) of a super long hair style, which makes you look lighter and breezier (and your hair is a bit bouncier too).

The look is versatile and can go from sleek to super casual in the flick of a pony holder. The lob can go from your chin to just above your shoulders at the collar bone. Lob styles look fabulous parted in the middle, off center or on the side. It’s best to have yours trimmed according to your natural part, or in the center to guarantee even, straight lines all around. Lobs are so versatile that they can be sleek and straight or worn wavy or curly.

Top 10 Celebrity Lobs We Love

  1. Jada Pinkett Smith
  2. Reese Witherspoon
  3. Nicole Kidman
  4. Sofia Coppola
  5. January Jones
  6. Giuliana Rancic
  7. Nicole Richie
  8. Naomi Watts
  9. Mila Jovanovich
  10. Kerry Washington (love her lob with bangs!)

Before you see your stylist, think about the length you want. If in doubt, take your lob longer at first and you can always go shorter next time. 

For more celebrity beauty and style trends and info, check out poshmom.com

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