Trendy Plus Size Clothes

One choice of dress for plus sized women is something called an A styled dress. The waist line sits directly below the bust giving it a snug fit on top with a slight flare over the hips and waist. Polo and sun dresses are two examples. A slip is a casual dress. It drapes loosely from the shoulders over the body.

When wearing dresses to work they should be well tailored and not have plunging neck lines. The length should be at the knee length or a little below. Jackets with dresses are nice for work. You can choose from either one that drapes or ends at the waist line. Make sure your jacket doesn't flair out.

Next on the list of trendy plus size clothes are pants and jeans. You should purchase pants that give you a longer flatter look. Be sure to stay away from accented waists, flared hips and tight pants. The bottom of the pants can have either a small flair or boot cut look. Linen pants should have high quality stitching otherwise they will be baggy. Plus sized women should wear Khakis that has medium weight and not made from stretch material. Jeans should be simple, dark washed denim. Avoid trendy highly decorated jeans.

When choosing shirts plus sized women should decide what to accent and what to hide for instance; wrapped tops wrap around the waist concealing the stomach and hips. Baby doll tops like the A shaped dress have a waist line below the breast, concealing the stomach and waist. Halters are also good for hiding the stomach and waist line, but these shirts should only be worn by small breasted women. Some other trendy plus size clothes include button down tops, if they are not too big or overly decorated they are slimming.  Bold patterns or bright colors work best. Be sure it fits all areas well to avoid gaps. Tank tops and camisole are good by themselves or under jackets. It's important to wear the right type of bra with these tops. Trendy plus size clothes also include V neck shirts since they bring attention to your face, neck and cleavage.

Trendy plus size clothes for tall women include cable sweaters with vertical knit patterns made from thin yarn. Tall people can also wear a longer sweater to hide their bottom. If you are petite a wool blend would be a better choice because it adds length. Turtle necks are slimming and cow neck sweaters bring attention to your face and neck. Both are good choices for plus size women.

Studies have shown that 70% of the impression you make is based on appearance, most of this being the clothes that you choose. Clothes should accent your good features while distracting form the bad. It should make you feel good about yourself giving your self confidence a boost. Most importantly trendy plus size cloths should be flattering.

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