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Any pet owner knows that it can be nearly impossible to convince your pet to swallow his or her pill, especially if your dog or cat has multiple pills or needs to take a few every day.

Pets can smell and taste the bitterness of the pills, and sometimes hiding it in their food and hoping for a miracle just doesn't work.

So if you can get Mary Poppins in to sing a few bars to get the medicine to go down, here's a few things to you can try make the whole process easier.

Tricks To Get Pets To Take Pills

  • Give your pet a treat first, then give the pill with the next treat. Your pet won't know when to expect the medicine and when to expect a treat.
  • Try flavored medication, if available.
  • Pick a time when your pet is distracted like when you are outside on a walk.
  • Give your pet a special treat when he or she is done. It's unpleasant, but at least there's a reward!
  • Cover the medicine in cream cheese, butter or some other kind of soft cheese to lubricate the pill and make it easier to go down.
  • If all else fails, use your hands. Tilt your pet's head back and put the pill in from the side. Rub your pet's throat to make your pet swallow. 
  • DON'T crush the pill as it will often release a bitter taste and ruin the protective coating, along with any chance you have of getting the medicine down.
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