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17220 TrumpHealth

Photo Credit: Slate.com

Despite his in-your-face attitude and political incorrectness, Donald Trump's been hard to bring down for other GOP contenders. For all his controversial remarks, Trump seems almost impossible to top in the race for the Republican nomination.

Now, Trump's health is being brought into question. The mystery behind the candidate's medical background has caused some to question if he is physically fit for the highly demanding and stressful job of being Commander-In-Chief. 

Trump responded to the criticism as he usually does, with a tweet:

The tweet came only three hours after Politico published a story suggesting Trump was withholding his medical information. Trump has previously talked about his lack of regular exercise and described his diet as consisting of whatever he wants. 

Other candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie have already released their medical records, which is typical protocol during a presidential campaign. 

If elected, Trump would be 70 years old when sworn into office, making him the oldest President in American history.

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