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Many yoga poses offer an element of stretch. The Single Leg Balance stretch resembles the King Dancer Pose from yoga. Both offer a stretch to the hip flexors and strengthen the thigh. The balancing position of standing on one leg also helps strengthen the core muscles.

Single Leg Balance (King Dancer Pose)

1. Start standing with one knee bent towards butt and hand holding it into place.
2. Press hips forward as you reach up with opposite hand.
3. Extend foot back and keep chest lifted. (Hold onto the wall to increase the stretch and then let go to improve balance.)
4. Hold stretch and balance for 10-30 seconds.
5. Repeat on the other side

Stretches are important to preventing injury but also help improve circulation, bringing nutrients and blood flow to the muscles. Stretches should be held for 10-30 seconds minimum and two minutes maximum. For more great workout ideas, check out Workout Pal

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