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Mo 6th bday with Mommy MTHow many of us have held secrets and as a result, lied by omission about something in our lives?

Like many of you, I've been following the stories and Tweets flooding in since actress Ellen Page announced this week that she is gay. Her disclosure, and in particular, her choice of words, have struck a deeply emotional and authentic chord with a lot of people. Myself included.

Particularly moving, I think, was her sentence "I am tired of hiding and I'm tired of lying by omission." Page made her remarks at the inaugural Time to Thrive conference, an event organized by LGBT group Human Rights Council. When I heard her say these words, I felt a shiver run up and down my spine. Page's voice may have been trembling but her words were strong, sure, and clear. I don't know much about Page other than her fabulous Oscar-nominated performance in Juno, but she earned my admiration and respect in the few minutes it took her (more like years, but you know what I mean) to come out this week.

There are so many ways each of us convince ourselves (and others) that we are living in truth but the truth is, maintaining this disingenuous effort can be exhausting. Anyone who has been in a bad marriage, abusive relationship with another person or with themselves via addiction or good old-fashioned denail, knows just how tiring it is to keep up the facade. One wise woman and dear friend of mine once told me that sometimes, you just have to "put down your sword" and let the pieces fall where they may.

She was and is so right.

In honor of Page's enormous courage, I leave you with an excerpt from her extraordinary remarks. You can read her speech in its entirety here. I pray that one day, those who still stand in judgment about the sexual identity of others, and in particular, as judge and jury about whom anyone has the right to love, finds enlightenment. That any of us finds and holds love in our lives is a blessing. 

Go Ellen. 

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