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  • Homeland: Carrie and Brody

    Homeland: Carrie and Brody

    Viewers fell in love with the intense and complex chemistry between Carrie and Brody, and we were all upset when Brody died despite Carrie's attempts to rescue him. Carrie now has a thing with Quinn, but we're not really seeing that going anywhere. 

    Photo Credit: Showtime

  • Vampire Diaries: Elena and Damon

    Vampire Diaries: Elena and Damon

    There was no denying the chemistry between Elena and Damon in season one of Vampire Diaries while she was dating Stefan. We were just waiting for Elena and Damon to finally get together, and when they did in season two, it was magical. No word yet on what will happen to the couple now that Elena will be off the show. 

    Photo Credit: The CW

  • Supernatural: Dean and Castiel

    Supernatural: Dean and Castiel

    Dean and Castiel aka Destiel are a favorite of viewers for their beautiful friendship. Their bromance is undeniable and tumblr has exploded with fan fiction about the BFFs. 

    Photo Credit: The CW

  • Empire: Cookie and Malcolm

    Empire: Cookie and Malcolm

    We love Cookie and Malcolm together, but we're not sure that their relationship has staying power - at least in the near future. While Malcolm seems like a much better fit for Cookie, Lucious and Cookie have a long, complicated relationship together as well as plenty of sexual tension. But we have hope for Cookie and Malcolm reuniting in a later season! 

    Photo Credit: Fox

  • The Big Bang Theory: Penny and Leonard

    The Big Bang Theory: Penny and Leonard

    Leonard and Penny's relationship has been a major plot point for The Big Bang Theory since the beginning. Last season ended on a major cliffhanger, with Leonard confessing to Penny that he kissed a woman when he was drunk many years ago. Will their wedding still happen? We're crossing our fingers!

    Photo Credit: CBS

  • Grey's Anatomy: Meredith and Derek

    Grey's Anatomy: Meredith and Derek

    RIP McDreamy! With Derek gone from the show, we know that Meredith and him are completely over but this was still one of our favorite pairings from Grey's Anatomy. Is there even a reason to watch the show anymore? 

    Photo Credit: ABC

  • The Simpsons: Marge and Homer

    The Simpsons: Marge and Homer

    Remember earlier this year when we thought America's sweethearts Marge and Homer Simpson were separating and mayhem and broken hearts ensued everywhere? Luckily the pair appeared together in a joint press release to put those rumors to rest! 

    Photo Credit: Fox

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