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  • Beth Greene - The Walking Dead

    Beth Greene - The Walking Dead

    Let’s face it - on a dystopian show about killer zombies, characters are going to die. A lot of characters. Walking Dead fans have had to face the reality that on a regular basis they are going to lose some of their favorite characters. That being said, when the powers-that-be decided it was time for Beth to meet her end, no one was ready. The sweet girl with the even sweeter voice who had become caregiver to baby Judith and “something” to Daryl seemed like she had plot lines for years to come. Then just when our band of survivors finds her, she is taken out by a trigger-happy baddie. The salt in the wound came moments later as Daryl carries her out in that iconic image just as her sister Maggie shows up. It’s in this moment we realize not only is Beth gone, but Maggie missed seeing her alive one last time by minutes.

    Photo Credit: AMC

  • Lady Catelyn Stark - Game Of Thrones

    Lady Catelyn Stark - Game Of Thrones

    From the beginning, Game of Thrones set the tone with Eddard Starks’s beheading that anyone is fair game when it comes to dying in the most brutal ways possible on the show. The episode “Red Wedding” set the bar even lower by proving that not only could the story take out two major players in one episode, but at a wedding no less.

    Fast-forward a bit, the death at a wedding theme pops up again, but for obvious reasons Joffrey’s poisoning is nowhere on this list.

    The pregnant Talisa Stark taking a knife to her stomach was tough to watch, Rob Stark’s death brought dread, but it was Catelyn’s final moments that pulled our heart-strings to the breaking point. It was a trifecta of pain - a mother watching her son die before her eyes, her knowing she would never be reunited with her children, and viewers realizing her youngest daughter Arya was just this close to seeing her mother one last time. The only blessing in the death was the idea it could give rise to Lady Stoneheart who in the books is the ghost of Lady Catelyn.

    Photo Credit: HBO

  • Will Gardner - The Good Wife

    Will Gardner - The Good Wife

    Even if we had seen it coming, Will Gardner’s death would have been traumatic. The fact that the writers behind The Good Wife managed to keep the actor's departure from the show in the “real” world hush-hush made for one of the more dramatic and surprising moments in television history. It was such a shock when Will gets gunned down in a courthouse shooting that viewers and characters on the show had similar responses of stunned agony. To leave no doubt in anyone’s mind, the episode included shots of Will’s dead body on a gurney so everyone knew he was definitely d-e-a-d, dead. Social media lit up as fans mourned and tried to recover from the shock.

    Photo Credit: CBS

  • Zeek Braverman - Parenthood

    Zeek Braverman - Parenthood

    NBC’s show about the trials and tribulation of the Braverman clan never hit big, but it did have a solid core fan base of people who just couldn’t get enough of the lovingly dysfunctional family. As the last episodes of Parenthood’s final season began ticking away, it became obvious the patriarch of the show, Zeek Braverman, was not going to make it. This is one of those TV deaths that you see coming a mile away and it still manages to rip your heart out. As always, the show embraced the pain as any family would and walked us through the grief of losing a parent, even though he wasn’t ours. Watching this made it feel a little bit like we had lost a dad too.

    Photo Credit: NBC

  • James Novak - Scandal

    James Novak - Scandal

    No TV relationship offered a more yin to yang ratio than Cyrus Bean and James Novak. Cyrus is the devil. He killed people. He faked votes for the president. He is one of the most blatantly ruthless characters on Scandal and yet somehow when he was having a bedroom scene with James, all was forgiven. Cyrus’s relationship and eventual marriage to the reporter-turned-adoptive-dad humanized Cyrus in a way nothing else could. So to watch the gentle man who dared to love the monster be gunned down in the street and then be forced to die slowly so it would “sell” the story of a carjacking? It was just too much.

    Photo Credit: ABC

  • Tara Knowles Teller - Sons Of Anarchy

    Tara Knowles Teller - Sons Of Anarchy

    This is one case where the fact a character was killed was not as surprising as who killed her and how. Tara Knowles Teller had been digging her own grave with every step she took in Sons Of Anarchy’s 6th season - confiding in law enforcement, setting up her mother-in-law for assault and trying to steal her sons away from their father. The writing was on the wall that Tara was going to have to go, but when it came down to her and her mother-in-law, Gemma, in the kitchen with a steak fork – well, no one saw that coming. Watching the brutal fight go down as Tara struggled to get away made the loss of this fan favorite as messy for us as it was for her beloved Jax.

    Photo Credit: FX Productions

  • Lance Sweets - Bones

    Lance Sweets - Bones

    For all the dead bodies that appear on Bones week in and week out, they have kept the violence involving their main characters to a minimum. So when the former abused foster kid Lance Sweet’s on-again off-again girlfriend announced she was pregnant, viewers started imagine next season when the crazy couple have a baby and hilarity would ensue. Then the shrink with a heart was shot and dying in a parking garage. When Sweets looks up at his man-mentor Seeley Booth and says he put up a fight and told him he would be proud, the waterworks in homes all across America began flowing. Sweets was true to his name to the bitter end. It’s a terrible way to go, but such a sweet tender ending to this bro-mance.

    Photo Credit: FOX

  • Hank Shrader - Breaking Bad

    Hank Shrader - Breaking Bad

    The death of Hank signaled a real point of no return for Walter White. Hank was never one of those Breaking Bad characters we really liked, oftentimes coming off as a real bully, but by the last season you had to kind of feel for the guy. His realization that brother-in-law Walter WAS actually Heisenberg set the final dominoes. Watching Hank bravely refuse to give his killers anything as he looked straight down the barrel of the gun that would eventually kill him gave this character one of the bravest ends in television history.

    Photo Credit: AMC

  • Jimmy Durmody, Boardwalk Empire

    Jimmy Durmody, Boardwalk Empire

     Death and violence. Guns and bullets. Guys killing guys. Boardwalk Empire is a show about gansters after all. So it should be no surprise that Nucky Thompson killed Jimmy Durmody... but it totally was a surprise. We all thought we were watching the sun set on one empire and the sun rise of another, but just as Jimmy seemed to be grabbing for the kingpin mantle, Nucky put one in Jimmy’s head. The lesson here is – don’t meet a mobster in a secluded place. So thus ends the gangster tale of Jimmy Durmody. We have to hand it to the writers. We really thought Jimmy, while down on his luck a bit, was about to rise again.  

    Photo Credit: HBO

  • Carter - Persons of Interest

    Carter - Persons of Interest

    While the characters on Persons of Interest faced deadly adventures every week, viewers rarely worried about losing anyone they loved. The cast is small and each member vital in their own way. Even if a fan had thought of someone biting the dust, they never would have come up with Joss Carter. Like in life, the death of this person in the POI world has had a lasting and permanent effect on the chemistry of the show. Unlike some shows where a death is eventually brushed off, Carter’s demise has left a tangible scar on each of the characters in different ways. All of it is a testament to the way Taraji P. Henson chose to play the role. While we will always miss Carter, the thought of robbing the world of Ms. Cookie Lyon over on Empire gives us all some solace.

    Photo Credit: CBS

  • Derek Shepherd - Grey's Anatomy

    Derek Shepherd - Grey's Anatomy

    After 11 seasons ,Grey’s Anatomy’s Meredith and Derek’s love story came to an end, but not quite the way “shippers” were hoping. As the Grey’s world wondered – Where is Derek Shepherd? The answer came back – dead, or almost dead. Through the show’s signature voiceover, fans had to watch as one mistake after another lead to the death of their favorite doctor and the end to the Mer-Der love affair that started in the very first episode of Grey’s. The sometimes annoying, sometimes lovely romance between these two doctors was often the heartbeat of the show and watching Meredith pull the plug ended more than just Derek’s heart.

    Photo Credit: ABC

  • Leslie Shay - Chicago Fire

    Leslie Shay - Chicago Fire

    If anyone was safe from being written off, we would have sworn on a stack of holy books that it would be Leslie Shay. The confident and fun paramedic made a great character anyway, but the fact that she was a lesbian made many fans happy. The fact that she was a confident and actively dating lesbians made many celebrate her role as a kind of breakthrough.

    The Chicago Fire writers say her loss was necessary because so many people were connected to her that the death would have a ripple effect through plot lines. Well, it also carried quite a punch for viewers. Watching her go was a bit devastating, almost as tough as watching all of the people they have gone through trying to replace her spot on the show. Where’s a spunky twin sister character when you need one?

    Photo Credit: NBC

  • Bill Compton - True Blood

    Bill Compton - True Blood

    As True Blood wrapped up its finale episode of its final season Sookie Stackhouse and her vampire soulmate Bill Compton found themselves in a graveyard. Not that unusual for this fantastical couple, with one being a fairy and the other a vampire. As Bill begged Sookie to give him the “true death”, we all could understand why, but it still made for a sad ending to this power couple. Even after seeing Sookie living happily ever after with a normal-looking life, part of us hopes there is another reality out there where Bill and Sookie are together.

    Photo Credit: HBO

  • Tracy Mosby - How I Met Your Mother

    Tracy Mosby - How I Met Your Mother

    The writers did their job too well. In the show's nine seasons we fell in love with the woman who would be worth all of Ted’s efforts to fall in love. We loved her and when we met her we loved her more, and as they fit the whole marriage into the last season we really, really loved her and then she was dead.

    Photo Credit: CBS

  • Nadia Decotis - Chicago P.D.

    Nadia Decotis - Chicago P.D.

    Maybe we should have known that something bad was coming for Chicago P.D.’s Nadia Decotis. The writer’s had been giving her more face time as she worked on getting into the police academy, she had that ride-along and Sgt. Meany, Trudy Platt, at the front desk was taking a real shine to her. So maybe we should have known, but we didn’t know. When a serial killer kidnapped Nadia and dragged her all the way onto Law & Order: SVU we had no idea that our Windy City Team would land in the big apple to find their sweet receptionist tortured, dead and lying in a plastic sheet. NO IDEA! We are with Erin Lindsay, and we may not recover anytime soon.

    Photo Credit: NBC

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