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twine-wrapped-jars-diy-projectLearn how to make DIY twine-wrapped jars made from recycled wine bottles or jars!

Have you ever seen something on the internet and thought it was too hard to make yourself? Well, this isn’t one of those projects (now, breathe a sigh of relief). Instead, I’ve got an easy project that turns old glass jars into beautiful pieces of décor. That’s right; a craft project that uses mason jars. A DIY project using glass jars. A craft project that uses old coffee containers, wine bottles, and more!


The best part? These twine-wrapped jars only cost about 50 cents each to make. They also recycle common items around your household like salsa jars, pickle jars, Mason jars, and wine bottles! So, saving money and recycling? Sign me up!


How to Make Twine-Wrapped Jars


  • Glass jars, wine bottles, coffee cans, Mason jars… you name it, you can probably use it!
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Twine or hemp (you can also use thicker rope or colored yarn if you’d like)
  • Ribbon, beads, and other knick knacks, if you please



1. Clean your glass jar, wine bottle or other container with soap and warm water. Dry completely. Dispose of the lid or cork.

2. When your hot glue gun is warm and ready, begin gluing your twine onto your jar, starting at the top or the bottom. I prefer the bottom because you “get better” as you go along, so it’s better to have the bottom looking a little off. However, in this photo below, we started at the top.


3. Quickly glue a horizontal “strip” of hot glue and place your twine down. Do this all around the jar, moving upward (or downward if you’re beginning at the top), working at a fast pace. Make sure your twine sits closely to the row above or below it. After a while, your twine should begin to wrap around the jar as horizontal rows.


4. OPTIONAL: When you are satisfied with the amount of twine, choose a place for your ribbon or bow. Glue or tie onto your jar. You can also add knick knacks like beads, pins, jewels, or other fun things.

It’s as easy as that! These look great as a makeup brush holder, a vase for fake or real flowers, or even a as a container to hold pencils or paintbrushes.


Happy twine-jar crafting!

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