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twitter-erupts-over-allegedly-unretouched-beyonce-photosThere is no rage equal to that of Beyoncé fans tasked with protecting their Queen. Allegedly unretouched photos of the megastar from a 2013 Feria and L’Oreal campaign recently appeared on the Internet and the Beyhive was not having it.

The company has not yet commented on the photos so it is unclear whether they are truly untouched or have been manipulated.


Beyhive fans, as the artist's followers are called, took to Twitter demanding to know who leaked the photos.

"Can't deal with such blasphemous pieces!" one fan tweeted. Some went so far as the label their comments #beyoncegate.

Now we all know that Beyoncé is flawless, and we also know what she looks like without makeup on. The 20-time Grammy winner often posts photos of herself on her Instagram sans product. So why the fuss? Fans are convinced someone is trying to make her look worse than is even possible.

As one of the most-talked-about celebrities, of course this isn’t the first time Queen Bey has had photo controversy. In 2013, her publicity team made headlines when they emailed Buzzfeed asking them to remove what they deemed unflattering photos from her Superbowl halftime show.

In what is maybe a sign that there is still hope for humanity, most fans this time around are speaking sense, saying Bey surely doesn’t care about the photos and that even if they are real, it makes no difference. As one Beyhiver put it, "Y’all put too much pressure on Beyoncé. She’s not God, she’s only human." Preach.

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