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1-twitter-scores-goal-with-world-cup-coverageHashtag GOOAAALL! Twitter is prepared to keep fans updated on World Cup games.

If you thought we were alone in getting excited for the World Cup kickoff, than you have to hear how Twitter is getting ready for the international festivities. Twitter has brought back Hashflags ! Fans are encouraged to hashtag their favorite teams via country codes, and the flags of that country will pop up next to their hashtag. Hashflags is one of the many features Twitter is doing for this year’s World Cup.


You can now support your teams on Twitter with a cute little flag - an idea first featured on Twitter during the 2010 World Cup. 

All it takes is entering a hashtag with a country's three-letter country code and the flag will automatically show up next to the tag once the tweet is published. Although iPhone’s have yet to show this feature, they are easily found on PC as well as other mobile devices. Some of the most popular are found in the image below, so be sure to hashflag your favorite teams!


Want to get the latest updates on the World Cup? Twitter wants to give you the inside scoop 24/7, and this hashtag will lead followers to it. Simply enter in #WorldCup or #WorldCup2014 on your mobile app, as well as your computer, and Twitter will pull up a personalized page with all the latest World Cup updates.

Follow Each Game

Not only are hashflags and World Cup updates available, but Twitter is covering each game for followers. Scoreboards are available on the corner of newsfeeds and are also found via hashtags. For example, the first game (Brazil vs Croatia) can be found with the hashtag #BRAvsCRO. Keep up with each game by entering the country code with VS in between.

Womensforum Has You Covered

Seems like a lot to follow? We know, so we’re making it simple for you! Follow Womensforum on Twitter, and we’ll be tweeting game scores, big game coverage, as well as tips on throwing the best World Cup party in town!

#WorldCup On Twitter

This video will give you just a small glimpse of the World Cup coverage on Twitter for the next few weeks.

Photo Credit: YouTube


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