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two-night-bachelorette-special-recap-headerYou’re about to get your fill of the Bachelorette this week! 

Andi’s 16 sexy men head with her to Santa Barbara and then New England for a two-night Bachelorette special with four hours full of romance and boy drama! Who went home before the rose ceremony and who wasn't there for the right reasons? Find out now! 

Romantic Night One 

  • First date of the week went to Nick, who got the first impression rose. Nick admitted he is skeptical but he does have a crush on Andi.
  • The boy toys went on a group date with Andi to sing their hearts out with Boyz II Men and sang “I’ll Make Love to You” at a concert. Beware, you may cringe. 
  • We saw it in the commercials last week that somebody had a girlfriend but it was all a joke! Andi decided to mess with Cody. 
  • Josh M. got the group date rose.
  • Second date goes to JJ. They got makeovers to become an older, married couple to fool some people in town. 
  • Ron left the show after finding out a close family friend had passed away. 
  • Andi got flowers delivered from Nick while she’s sitting with Eric. Awkward for Eric. But so sweet! 
  • Andrew got some girl’s number at an outing and bragged about it. And some of the guys chased him around the house when he didn’t want to talk about. 
  • Opera singer Bradley and hairstylist Brett left the first night.

Dramatic Night Two 

  • Dylan got the first one-on-one date with Andi in Connecticut and they go for a ride on the steam train. Did these two get steamy? Was he able to open up more to Andi? 
  • The boys participated in an intense basketball group date. Basketball player and coach Brian stole the court! 
  • Andi and Eric discussed how their relationship hasn’t progressed. Although their first date was amazing, it isn’t anymore. Eric says that Andi isn’t the “Andi” he knew and liked so much, she’s more like a TV actress now. What do you think of his statement? He left the show immediately after that.  
  • Brian gets the group date rose! 
  • Marcus gets the second one-on-one date where they rappelled down the hotel where the men are staying. 
  • Andi gets a love letter from a secret admirer. Who from? 
  • Tonight, instead of a rose ceremony, Chris Harrison and Andi decided to sit down and talk about Eric’s leaving and his tragic accident since that was the last time we will see him on the show. They also let it be known that Tasos was sent home. 

Stay tuned in two weeks for the next Bachelorette chapter!  

Photo Credit: ABC/David Moir

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