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two-sisters-reunitedTwo weeks ago was National Sister's Day. My daughter was missing her sister who had decided to stay in Connecticut to finish school. 

"Mom, you know it’s Nationals Sister’s Day right? I tweeted a picture of Maegan and I," she shared, with tears welled up in her eyes. 

"I haven't seen her in 35 days and I am counting down until I see her again."

Since birth, the two had never been separated. With just 18 months between them, they shared clothes, friends, and often times their bedrooms because they couldn’t bear to be apart. When we moved to California and my oldest elected to stay behind to finish her senior year of high school, the separation anxiety between the two was heart wrenching. 

Feeling the pain of missing my daughter, I had great empathy with Max. On the other hand, it was difficult to get sad because what she didn't realize was that her sister was on her way to California and was due to arrive within the hour. The excitement and anticipation was killing me. As a surprise, we arranged for our oldest to come out for five days from Connecticut to California, see her sister go to homecoming, and visit colleges. 

"Let's play some cards. It will take your mind off things." 

How would I ever be able to keep this in, I thought to myself. 

The plan was that my husband would pick up my daughter at the airport and she would remain in the car for 10 minutes. We would call a family meeting and she would come in. 

One hour and what seemed to be an eternity later, my husband appeared. I was grinning like a Cheshire cat. 

"Guys we wanted to hold a team meeting so we could talk about some important events that are coming up" my husband shared. 

With one hand on my camera, I smiled as I listened. 


Come on Maegan let's go. 

Suddenly, the door burst open and my oldest walked in. 

"I can't believe that you would have a family meeting on National Sister's Day and not include me!" 

My three kids looked up as if they had seen a ghost. Maxine just stared with her mouth wide open. Maegan had never been in this house. We had moved in after her last visit, so it seemed unnatural to have her here. Everyone was speechless. Maegan stood there with a smile that extended from one side of her face to the other. She was elated to have pulled this off. 

After regaining a bit of composure, my daughter Max spoke up. 

"Wait what's going on? How did you get here?" 

"We flew her here Max, because we couldn't stand it. We missed each other too much."

My daughter came out of her seat as if she were being catapulted across the room, threw herself into there sister's arms, and began to cry.

We would never forget this day. These were moments that could not be bought. Heart to heart, sister-to-sister, there was nothing that could compare to the beauty of true love.

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