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How Does Colon Cleansing Work?

As many times as we've received pop up emails, watched infomercials and read publications there's no wonder why people still question, "how do colon cleanses work?" The information is usually too vague to get to the actual particulars in how colon cleanses work.  In fact advertisers want the public to question the methods of colon cleansers by appealing to the two things everyone longs for, good health and losing belly weight for flatter firmer abs.  Notice that most of the ads for popular colon cleanse products try to convince the general public with a celeb to endorse and affirm colon cleanse health properties and the amazing seemingly overnight weight loss results.

Types of Colon Cleansing Products and Their Use

So with all this hype infiltrating our senses, let's get to the bottom of it. Exactly how do colon cleansers work?  Basically colon cleansers serve the body by ridding the large intestines of old partially digested and impacted fecal matter.  The process of cleansing depends on the method but initially the treatment is slow acting.  And then over time the process progresses until the body is forced to undergo frequent bowel movements, which is the natural colon cleanse outcome.  On the lighter side (no pun intended) most people after trying a colon cleanse attest to feeling invigorated and some have even lost considerable weight for sporting a flatter tummy!

There are several types of colon cleansing products and methods on the market today.  The bulk of these aids can be found at a local pharmacy, supermarket and on the net.  Consumers can choose from various forms ranging from pills and powder to liquid drinks and teas.  There are even home remedies available for those concerned with synthetic medications or unnatural methods and their effects on the body.

When ingested colon cleansers get to work.  The effectiveness of the product may take a few days in order to fully break down and expel left over food particles and impacted feces.  Because most of these aids have laxative cleansing properties, drinking plenty of water is highly recommended.  We should mention that once the product is active, having easy access to the bathroom is required.

Then there's a medical colon cleansing method called a colonic. This medically administered method for most is quite unsettling and for a good reason.  First of all, a probe of an intimidating size and length called a colon scope is inserted rectally. Ouch!  The scope has a tiny high pressure water hose with suction tubing attached.  Patients are allowed to watch the scope insertion via a monitor as water is sprayed and old fecal matter is flushed and suctioned out into disposable canisters.

The colonic procedure can take as little as an hour or as long as a half year of visits. Double ouch!  Even though there's rectal discomfort for a day or so following a colonic, this procedure was once hailed by models, actors and actresses.  Even athletes used this method to maintain those sexy lean bodies and increased energy levels.

Do Colon Cleansers Really Work?

Do colon cleaners work? And does the colon really need cleaning?  These are two of the biggest questions that many ask.  Particularly because a number of products are sold quite cheap and proclaim unbelievable results.  There are skeptics, many who are medical experts, who question the true effectiveness of the products or the necessity of it all together.  All in all, most people who have tried colon cleansers have mixed reviews.

On one hand product reviews warn of prolonged use and the potential development of ulcers or loss of natural parasites within the large intestines necessary for nutritional absorption.  On the other hand natural colon cleansers recommend usage two to three times a year to build a healthier digestives tract.  For select people cleaning the colon could be necessary and for a number of situations. Here are a couple reasons to consider:

  • Impacted bowels or chronic constipation can cause abdominal bloating, loss of energy and discomfort. Taking a colon cleanser to clear away excess fecal matter can prove quite refreshing.
  • Parasites are another reason people consider colon cleaning aids. Commercially there are colon cleaners that attack intestinal parasites and worms. These parasites can live off of their host and rob them of vital nutrients necessary for a healthy digestive system. Obviously this colon cleanser is not intended for weight loss!

Some skeptics rebut by suggesting instead a diet high in fiber, plenty of water consumption and eating thoroughly cooked meat and that this is all that is needed to cleanse your colon. Generally it boils down to the various types of colon cleansers and the added properties associated with the product that determines the overall need and outcome.  Therefore make sure to carefully read the effective properties associated with the colon cleaner choices and to speak to a doctor about your particular condition if you are considering any kind of treatment of this sort.

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