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types-of-sausageLearn About the Best Sausages Out There!

Sausages are composed of spices, ground meat (usually beef, veal, or pork), herbs, and salt that are then contained in a casing. The word “sausage” comes from the Latin word “salsus,” that means “salted.” Some sausages are preserved by smoking, some by drying and others by curing. Sausages are enjoyed in traditional dishes around the world, showcasing local flavors native to the area. These sausages vary in taste and texture depending on the ingredients and the maker. So, there are many different types of sausages! The following list, although in no way a complete, contains sausages most commonly found in your neighborhood grocery store.

Different Kinds of Sausage

Andouille: These fully cooked smoked pork sausages are spicy and are used in Cajun-style foods. Enjoy andouille in jambalaya or split and broiled.

Bockwurst: A delicate fresh white sausage made of veal and fresh green herbs that is often sliced into vegetable soup or grilled.

Bratwurst: A fine-textured beef, veal or pork sausage that is fresh and lightly smoked. This German origin sausage is usually pan fried or cooked in beer.

Chicken and Turkey: Firm, typically fine textured sausage flavored with everything from artichoke to pineapple that is normally purchased fully cooked. Most often grilled or added to stews and casseroles.

Frankfurter: Frankfurters or hot dogs are the most commonly served pre-cooked sausage in the United States. They are grilled, boiled, or broiled and most often served in a bun accompanied by a variety of toppings. Another variation is the corn dog which is a hot dog dipped in cornmeal batter and fried on a skewer. Corn dogs are often enjoyed at state fairs and local events.

Italian-style Pork: Fennel is the main spice in this sausage.  It is coarsely ground and fresh. Enjoy crumbled on pizza or in ragouts. These sausages are also frequently spooned over polentas. Red chile peppers are often added to spice things up.

Kielbasa: A smooth, smoked or fresh Polish sausage that is made with veal, pork, lamb, beef or turkey. Large sausages are often u-shaped. Enjoy grilled or pan-fried.

Knackwurst: Chubby smoked beef and pork sausages seasoned with cumin and garlic and sold in links. Usually roasted or grilled.

Merguez: A North African-style fresh lamb and hot chile sausage. Usually grilled in chunks on skewers with peppers and onions or crumbled and cooked and layered in moussaka.

Mexican Chorizo: A fresh, fatty pork sausage that is spiked with chile and squeezed from the casing before cooking. Most often used in breakfast dishes, tacos, enchiladas and chili.

Spanish Chorizo: A hard, dry, spicy fully cooked smoked sausage. This sausage is often added to paella or lentil stews.

Vegetarian: These sausages might be made with herbs, spices, tofu or soya protein, but not meat.

Sausages are extremely versatile and may be served as hors d’oeuvres, in sandwiches, stews, casseroles, or paellas. However you wish to serve them, just enjoy!

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