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funny-video-conference-call-in-real-lifeEver had a conference call where nothing went right? You could totally relate to this video! 

Conference calls are fine when you can’t meet with everyone in person but they aren’t so great when nothing goes right! There is a hilarious video that illustrates the all-too-familiar things we go through when trying to have a successful conference call. Tripp Crosby and Tyler Stanton, a comedy sketch duo, nail it on the head on what a conference call would be like in person. 

Typical Conference Call Situations...In Real Life 

The video starts with the first employee walking into a conference room stating his name, as you would when entering a conference call. Then another person enters. The two people on the call start making small talk since that awkward moment does happen quite a bit! Then hilarious mishaps occur such as people getting cut off and having to rejoin the call, people talking over each other, people’s voices breaking out or even someone's dog barking in the background. Then of course people on the call are playing computer games or doing something else besides paying attention or their phone is making their voice echo. 

If you have ever had a conference call where so many things go wrong, this video is perfect to check out and share with your friends at work. But maybe don't send it during an actual call. Wait until after happy hour. 


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