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Our smartphones are usually used to find directions or to look up our favorite musician's hot new song, but now the UN is using that same technology to fight back against child hunger. 

The United Nation's old method of collecting money via snail mail ate away at the funds being donated because of the cost of stamps and envelopes. Their new application erases that overhead by sending donation requests straight to user's smartphones, where the transaction can be completed right there on the screen. 

The new app is called Share The Meal and it has already been tested in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, where 120,000 users have already donated the equivalent of 1.7 million daily rations to children living in Lesotho.

The micro-donation model that Share The Meal employs is the first of its kind, as charitable organizations don't usually have resources like the U.N. to back their tech development. An app with such a global reach seems complicated, but actually makes the process of donating much easier and more efficient. The U.N. can reach potential donators much more easily and keep them up to date about when financial goals are met.

Share the Meal's organizers plan to refocus their efforts on Syria in their next round of donations to help push back against the refugee crisis. 

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