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Getting bored of the typical steaks, burgers, or brats on the grill? These ideas are anything but standard.  


Pineapple - Grilled pineapple is a great summer dessert, and it can be fairly low-calorie as well! We like this recipe from Skinny Taste for a simple and sweet dish that's a great addition to any summertime meal. 

Romaine Lettuce - You probably don't think of lettuce as a food that should be cooked, but think again, because romaine lettuce definitely benefits from a little char. Try this NY Times recipe for a modern take on a Caesar salad. 

Mushrooms - The rich, meaty unami flavor of most mushrooms stands up well to the heat of the grill, and make an excellent side dish or vegetarian main dish. Check out this guide from Serious Eats and improve your fungi BBQ skills. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 3.10.16 PMCorn - Corn on the cob is awesome on the grill. We especially like this Mexican-inspired Bobby Flay recipe for a side dish that will spice up any outdoor meal. 

Broccoli - This sturdy veggie works well on the grill in general, we think this grilled parmesan broccoli recipe will be a new favorite for the whole family. 

Bananas - Grilled banana splits, anyone? While there's really no wrong way to do these yummy treats, the Martha Stewart version with hot fudge and rum caramel sauce are pretty exceptional. 

Brie Cheese - If you like baked brie, then you'll love grilled brie. Try this recipe from Delish with strawberries, balsamic, and basil for a truly decadent appetizer. download

Eggplant And Zucchini - These hearty veggies work well on the grill, particularly when they are paired together - like this mozzarella salad created by Caroline Artiss

Bacon - Bacon is good in pretty much any context, but it's particularly awesome when cooked on the grill. Just follow these instructions by Bon Appetit and you'll be the hero of every summer meal. 

What are your favorite things to grill? 


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